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Підтримати Академію
Online lessons are a platform for everyone who is interested in the world of art, creativity and self-expression

Olena Zaretska

To be born in the homeland of artists, to be born as children, to specialize in one of the best art universities in Ukraine – all the same did not give me the right to be called an artist. I was more of an applied master. Up to 32 years. Motherhood blew up in me the sutteviy zsuv: I stumbled as if to speak with the light of my image. How to tell about crying and one hour at a time. What is the value of being a human – mat your thought
and vislovlyuvati її accessible to you yourself. How to transform the experience in the picture, share them and help others to confuse their essence.

I wrote an art statement, and a manifesto of my creativity, summaries of theses:

  • I want to be evil, if creativity is vibrated by name, without respect on the butt’s membranes;
  • I support the idea of the value of swedish little ones, as if trying to catch the innocence of the hour;
  • I am for the base and foundations of academism, but also for the right experiments and transformations of the classics;
  • sensible and sensible reflections through painting – a path to a healthy psyche, for every mood of my path;
  • try to wake up in your homeland, the lands – all the ways to the development, but try to get together – the whole way to peace;
  • practice painting with other techniques, go between genres – a way to comprehend modernity, with a crazy pace and, if so, the unreality of life;
  • pedagogy for me is not to teach, but to create conditions for learning. The same and with the creative process, and like vysnovok: life is the creation of minds for creativity.

I took up the technique of watercolor in 2017, if the painting was already unbearable, and other color materials were less accessible through small children in the house. The seductive speed and clarity of the material still played their role. Dekilka rokіv vyvchennya tekhnіkі i vіdvіduvanniа master-klаіv svіtovіh akvarelіstіv led me to razumіnnya, scho fotorealіzm i maximal majsternіstі narazі not my way. In watercolors, the freshness, minimality of farby touching is less attractive, and in addition – an attempt to capture moods, perception, reflection in swedish sketches.

2014-2021 regular master classes and initial courses in palette work, painting for children, courses in portraiture and watercolor painting for adults and children.


  • Series “Peaceful sky of Portugal”
  • “Abetka Resurrected”, collaborative project by blogger Sophia Bezverkha
  • Series “Azulejo in Ukrainian”
  • “Spivtvorchist. Edinorig “At the co-authorship with the 6-year-old son for yoga
  • Series “Hands”, calendar, pins
  • “Kyiv and palm trees”. Calendar 2020
  • Spot-motion video art
  • Workshop for preparing notebooks by hand
  • Project “Baby on punched cards”