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Online lessons are a platform for everyone who is interested in the world of art, creativity and self-expression

Free master classes

Vytinanka Tree of life. Author Natalya Didenko

We invite you to get acquainted with Vytinanka. Have you ever cut a snowflake out of paper? It turns out that it was an exaggeration. This is how one of the traditional decorative arts is called in Ukraine.

Flash mob Christmas star. Petrykiv painting

Join our flash mob and join in creating a festive atmosphere! Christmas Star Theme The idea: to flood the network with magical beauty, to warm the soul with the light and distract from everyday life by drawing. Conditions: all styles can participate in the flash mob. Start from December 14 to January 7 On January […]

Christmas star. Petrykiv painting.

A Christmas gift to all connoisseurs of native treasure from Ukrainian craftswoman Lilia Zorkina.

Дракон. Символ 2024 року. Петриківський розпис. Автор Лілія Зоркіна.

Система слов’янських символів і оберегів збереглась дякуючи вишивкам, писанкам, розписам, килимам, прикрасам…….Через віка та тисячоліття, символи з сакральним змістом “промовляють” до нас – потомків, спадкоємців древньої і богатої культури. Наші праматері “закодовували” послання в оздобленні одягу та побутових речах, вкладали особливий сенс в свою кропітку роботу.

Watercolor charity marathon “OAkvAautumn”

We invite you to the free autumn watercolor marathon “OAkvAautumn” The theme of the marathon: the golden season – autumn Start on October 10 The autumn free marathon is dedicated to watercolor techniques. During the marathon – OAkvAosin is planned: drawing, drawing and drawing again, acquaintance with watercolor artists, information about art materials, drawing practice […]

Flowers in a circle. Petrykiv painting. The author is Kateryna Kryvolap

Kateryna Kryvolap, an extraordinary modern artist and master of Petrykiv painting, recorded this master class especially for Open Art Academy students. – “I chose Petrykyvka as the main motif in my work for many reasons. I want to show that folklore can be made modern and fashionable, adapted to current interiors. I also really want […]

Mandala – wish. Petrikivska mandala. The author is the craftswoman Liliya Horbel

A seed, a nut, a twig is what starts a petri dish. These elements can be twisted into a composition already at the first acquaintance with the painting. A mandala is a drawing in a circle that repeats cyclically in each segment. We place our desire in the center, it can be both stylization and […]

Mandala with a cat fur brush. Petrykivka painting

Master class – monochrome mandala on dark paper with a cat fur brush with the master Lilia Horbel. Ukrainian mandala. Petrykivka mandala. Flowers in a circle. Practice of painting with a CAT brush – an indispensable brush – the main element in Petrykivka painting – a grain.

Winter card with Petrykivsky painting with Olga Cheryomushkina.

In this master class, the folk craftswoman of Ukraine, whose works are included in the “Book of Records of Ukraine” – Olga Cheryomushkina, clearly shows how to draw a winter card with Petrikovsky painting. Materials for the master class: cat brush, pipette, acrylic paints, paper.

A couple of birds in love. Watercolor master class with Iryna Hlushchenko

A fairy tale is nearby! “Children’s illustration is what I love and it is the meaning of my life” Iryna Glushchenko is engaged in and teaches painting and drawing from scratch, develops the individuality and creativity of children and adults. Teaches how to convey emotions to a character. She has more than 120 illustrated books […]

“Chinchilla pastel on abrasive paper”, master class by Tatiana Zozulenko

We draw a pastel of a pet – a chinchilla. Want to learn how to paint pastel fur? Then you to this master class! In the lesson, Tatiana explains the principles of working with pastels, how to use chalk. Knowing the secrets, you can create different strokes and set different tones.

“Portrait”, master class by Andrian Babyuk

The lesson deals with the compositional solution, the golden ratio, perspective, geometric points, proportions – the artist-teacher tells everything by example, drawing from nature. Painter, graphic artist, teacher. Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. Author of the course “Fundamentals of Composition”

The sea worries watercolor master class with Natalia Glazeva

Do you want to go to the sea? A fresh wind blows your face, flutters your dress, a foamy wave of the sea rolls up with a rustle……. The artist was born and grew up in Odessa. Therefore, the sea occupies a special place in her heart. The sea, the waves are a place of […]

Watercolor portrait of an elderly man. Andriy Kulagin

He is a refined esthete in painting, he uses only his feelings, so we will not find anything mannered or false in his works. The world of Andriy Kulagin’s images is a condensed stream of intellectual energy that reaches the viewer with powerful impulses.

Landscape with a human figure. Oil. Andriy Kulagin

After the lesson you will be able to show light and shadow, fit the human figure into the environment, work with tone in nature.

Color and coloring in painting with Andriy Kulagin

Together with the teacher you will consider the techniques of coloring by a professional artist: how to paint green leaves against the sky, how to reflect sunlight, how to inscribe a portrait of a man on Wednesday, etc. Kulagin analyzes the concept of color using examples from simple to complex: you will consider individual elements […]

Flowers with oil. Andriy Kulagin

In the master class you will learn where to start, how to place a still life in a letter, what colors to use for light and shadow, how to fit objects into the environment, how detailed you need to prescribe different elements.

Rosehip and hibiscus watercolor with Svetlana Gramm

There will be an understanding of how to draw a white flower on a white sheet of paper, how to use watercolors on wet.

(UA) На озері. Техніка пастелі з Андрієм Кулагіним

Drawing the lake with dry pastel, the main tone is the color of the paper. Small secrets from Andrey Kulagin will tell you the sequence of application

Oil painting. Poppies with palette knife with artist Iryna Kvasha.

Regardless of gender, age and skills – everyone who wants to can paint a picture. The artist – Iryna Kvasha works in original and traditional painting techniques in various directions, likes to create paintings filled with love and creative freedom: landscapes, flowers, sea and mountains. We offer to your attention a master class of drawing […]

Petrykiv painting. A bird with a brush with a cat. The author is Olga Cheryomushkina.

Often, in the Petrykiv painting, images of both fantastic and real birds (rooster, cuckoo, turkey, owls, ducks, etc.) are woven into the floral composition, images of other animals appear less often. In this master class, Ukrainian craftswoman, whose work is included in the “Book of Records of Ukraine” – Olga Cheryomushkina, explains and clearly shows […]

We sculpt a flower – Zinnia from marshmallow clay. Author Lyudmila Trykhlib

How to start the path to ceramics? What is marshmallow clay and how does it differ from cold porcelain? What tools and materials do you need at the beginning of the journey? But how to develop to the level of a master?

Anatomy of love “Tenderness” drawing on sheet music with Andrii Kulagin.

  Drawing on notes, on book sheets, on the newspaper – with Andriy Kulagin. You will create your first masterpieces now, even if you have never painted before.

Master class with Svetlana Sсhiеl. Let’s draw a royal protea. Sangina and sepia

About the academic technique of working with soft material, which is mandatory in the methodological program of all art universities. Perfectly develops vision of light and shadow, tonality, layering.

We draw a tiger with coffee with Svetlana Klimenko.

In the master class you will get acquainted with the technique of drawing coffee, draw a tiger.

Water movement, pastel ducks. Andriy Kulagin

Andriy Pavlovych reveals by example the rule – without which there can be no picturesque work and drawing.

Doll motanka. Pozhdruzhka Master of Ukraine Svitlana Birkina

We offer you to make the amulet of our ancestors with your own hands – a Motanka Doll, Girlfriend at a free master class with folk craftswoman Svitlana Birkina. Let’s deepen our knowledge about the ethnic identity of Ukrainians together and revive the traditions of the Ukrainian people. We will also psychologically relieve ourselves and […]

Plasticine grasshopper sculpture with Olena Shokurova

Maybe Michelangelo will wake up in you – sculpting is a great hobby and in order to master it, you don’t have to have an innate talent. Everyone can learn to sculpt! At this course, sculptor, member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, Olena Shokurova, will reveal many secrets to creating a sculpture. […]

Doll motanka. Berehynia Master of Ukraine Svitlana Birkina

We offer you to make the amulet of our ancestors – the Berehynia Motanka Doll – at a free master class with folk craftswoman Svitlana Birkina. Let’s deepen our knowledge about the ethnic identity of Ukrainians together and revive the traditions of the Ukrainian people. We will also psychologically relieve ourselves and adjust to a […]

Singing bird. Children’s Petrykivka. The author is Vera Yerifa.

Children’s Petrykivka is an artistically aesthetic direction of education. Petrikovsky painting is a great exerciser for a child’s intellectual and creative abilities, because it perfectly develops the fine motor skills of the hands – it effectively starts mental processes.