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Online lessons are a platform for everyone who is interested in the world of art, creativity and self-expression

Privacy policy

PRIVACY POLICY Your privacy remains extremely important to us. We strive to make your work on the Internet as pleasant and useful as possible. And we want you to be able to calmly use all the advantages, a huge range of information, opportunities and tools offered by the Internet. Therefore, any Personal information about Members collected by us during their registration (or at any other time) is used exclusively for the preparation of certain Services and Products in accordance with your needs. You don’t have to worry about your information being shared, let alone sold, to any third parties. However, we reserve the right to partially disclose personal information about Members in the exceptional cases specified in the Consent to Mailing. What information is collected on the site? During the voluntary registration to receive the Open Art Academy newsletter, you are offered to send your Name and E-mail through the corresponding registration form. Why is this data collected? The name is necessary for formal communication, that is, addressing you personally, while your e-mail allows you to keep in one-way communication with you: send newsletters, useful materials, training news or commercial offers. Your personal data (name and e-mail) will not be transferred to third parties, in any case, except in situations where compliance with the law requires it. Your name and e-mail are stored on secure servers and are therefore used in accordance with its privacy policy. You have the right to refuse to receive newsletters and communications by removing your contact information from the database at any time by clicking on the appropriate unsubscribe link, which must be present in each email provided. How do we use additional data? The Open Art Academy website uses information about visitors thanks to cookies and the Google Analytics service. We need this data in order to have an idea of ​​the actions of visitors on this resource, to constantly improve its content, increase the functionality of the site and create high-quality services and content for each visitor. At any time, you can set the blocking of all cookies in your browser settings, and you can also configure the notification function about sending data files. However, it should be understood that some services and functions will stop working properly. How is your information protected? To ensure the protection of personal information of our users, we use all kinds of technical, managerial and administrative security measures. In addition, we adhere to a variety of internationally recognized control standards that address the processing of personal information and include enhanced controls to protect the information we collect over the Internet. However, despite all the measures aimed at securing your private information, you also need to take basic precautions to protect it. With this in mind, we strongly recommend that you take all possible precautions available while you are on and enjoying the Internet. The websites and services organized by us take all possible measures to protect against unauthorized access or alteration of user information controlled by us and against its leakage. However, despite our best efforts to ensure the integrity and security of our systems and network, there is no absolute guarantee that the security measures we have in place will be able to prevent the actions of attackers and prevent them from illegally accessing the stored information. In case of any changes related to this privacy policy, we will notify users by entering the necessary information on this page. In case of special cases, we can also send a message to your e-mail. Contact the site administrator on matters of interest to you via e-mail: oartacademy@gmail.com