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Online lessons are a platform for everyone who is interested in the world of art, creativity and self-expression


A bird in the Petrikovsky painting. Author Lilia Zorkina.

The bird is a symbol of prosperity, happiness and freedom, peace and revival. We will immerse ourselves in bright colors and go from creating a “kitten” to independent works, which will not be a shame to give to friends or to find a place of honor for them in your home.

Marathon Getting to know Vytinanka. Author Natalia Didenko

Have you ever cut a snowflake out of paper? It turns out that it was an exaggeration. This is how one of the traditional decorative arts is called in Ukraine. We invite you to familiarize yourself with Vytinanka and start creating your own original interior items

Easter Easter cake with Ukrainian craftswoman Liliya Horbel

Writing is a unique art, the origins of which go back to pre-Christian times. Ukrainian Easter eggs have very deep roots, their history goes back thousands of years. A bird’s egg as a symbol of new life. We will write 7 Easter eggs on the challenge.

Challenge “Petrykiv wonderland”

The theme of the challenge: a week of painting with classic Petrykiv painting every day – the mentor will be the master of Ukraine Liliya Zorkina.

Petryky flowers challenge

A week of painting Petrykivsk flowers, every day with Ukrainian artist Liliya Horbel. Practice of a transitional stroke with the addition of details with a brush made of cat fur. Get ready for an incredible immersion in the world of Ukrainian tradition, where every stroke is a wing for your fantasies.

Chedenj From grain to plant. Petrykiv painting

The theme of the challenge: drawing birds and stylizing them with Petrykiv painting, every day with Ukrainian craftswoman Vera Yerifa. The craftswoman teaches children of senior preschool and junior school age – so this challenge is perfect for beginners and extremely interesting for our younger students

Four seasons watercolor

The magic of watercolors with artist Alina Slobodian Each lesson in this course focuses on one of the four seasons of the year, allowing you to learn the techniques of painting landscapes in different atmospheres and color palettes.

Marathon “Revealing bags in the technique of Petrykiv painting”

We ask you to reveal the powerful light of beauty and warmth in our creative activities with the master of Ukraine Lilia Gorbel. Together we decorate the new bags using the unique technique of Petrykivka painting. The master classes have been divided so that you can incorporate your creative ideas and create unique embellishments that […]

Marathon “Petrykiv flowers” Author Lilia Horbel

The magic of Petrykiv flowers. Practice of a transitional stroke with the addition of details with a brush made of cat fur. We invite you to the marathon to create your own flower cards with Petrykiv painting, which will bring joy to you and your loved ones. Get ready for an incredible immersion in the […]

Flowers in an expressive style. Discover the therapeutic power of watercolor

Watercolor opens when we add a large amount of water. On average, the body of an adult consists of 60% water, and the body of a newborn by 80%. One of the organs that needs water the most is our brain. Have you noticed how relaxing it is when you look at the water? at […]

Watercolor birds. Author Svitlana Gramm

Watercolor exotic birds, six birds: toucan, parrot, red cardinal, rooster, Christmas goose on skates and hummingbird in stained glass style. This marathon is for those who dream to master watercolor painting, immerse themselves in the bright world of paints and colors, learn to draw birds under the guidance of artist, painter, graphic artist, illustrator Svitlana […]

Petrykivska rainbow. The author is Lilia Horbel

What we will do at the marathon: The Petrykiv rainbow marathon will consist of 8 main lessons: In the first part, we will consider the theory of the color wheel in combination with Petrikovsky painting. Let’s explore your color palette. Let’s learn to get auxiliary color shades. In the first lesson, there will be a […]

Petrykiv Mandala marathon. Ukrainian mandala with master Liliya Horbel

We will immerse ourselves in bright colors, practice the main brushstrokes of the Petrykivka painting – a seed, a nut, a twig – what Petrykivka begins with, meditate by drawing: a mandala of amulets, a wheel of life, a beregin, a mandala of desire. A mandala is a drawing in a circle that repeats cyclically […]

Watercolor charity marathon “OAkvAautumn”

We invite you to the free autumn watercolor marathon “OAkvAautumn” The theme of the marathon: the golden season – autumn Start on October 10 The autumn free marathon is dedicated to watercolor techniques. During the marathon – OAkvAosin is planned: drawing, drawing and drawing again, acquaintance with watercolor artists, information about art materials, drawing practice […]

Modern techniques of working with a palette knife. Oil painting.

Palette knife painting is one of the modern techniques of applying paint. Your mentor will be Iryna Kvasha, an artist from Dnipro. In the mini-course, you will learn how to work with a palette knife: feel free to use it, even if it is your first experience; you will feel the dynamics of movements, ease […]

Watercolor journey through picturesque cities with Yulia Skrypnyk

We invite you to dive into a watercolor journey. The artist is inspired by everything that surrounds her: travels, cities, seas and oceans, plants and everything that lives around. This world is beautiful, it’s worth just stopping for a moment and looking around! We suggest you stop for a moment and transfer the architectural landscapes […]

Marathon “Following the drawings of the legendary masters of Petrykiv painting” Author Lilia Zorkina

All masters and artists begin their journey by copying the works of outstanding predecessors. We invite you to follow this path, to draw intensively under the guidance of folk craftswoman Lilia Zorkina. Immerse yourself in the unique technique and wealth of ornamental variations of the Petrykiv painting, which is part of the UNESCO cultural heritage, […]

Mini course. How to draw from a photo. Andrii Kulagin.

Practice in painting pictures from nature is necessary for everyone – but we live in the era of photography during wonderful technical opportunities and it is a sin not to use it – we debunk the myth that an artist needs to paint only from nature. In this master class, painting the architecture of Istanbul […]

Light watercolor with a liner. Architectural sketches with Alina Slobodian

The magic of watercolor in architectural sketches with graphic strokes. “In this course, I want to teach you: to boldly use watercolor, even if it is your first experience, to feel the lines of the liner and successfully add it to your works. I will also introduce you to two types of perspective and deal […]

Challenge “Petrikivka week” with Ukrainian craftswoman Lilia Zorkina

Theme of the challenge: Sunday painting with Petrikovsky painting every day. Goal: popularization of Ukrainian folk decorative art. During the 7 days of the challenge dedicated to the Petrykiv painting, we will get to know the materials in detail: paints, brushes, and learn about the elements, patterns and its types by drawing 7 drawings. You […]

(UA) Міні курс олією “Морський” з Наталією Глазєвою

Mini course with “Morsky” oil with Natalya Glazeva Nature inspires us, it shows different states, unsurpassed colors. In the mini-course with oil paints, you will learn to paint the four states of the sea: sunny day romantic-western, mystical and foggy night with a moon track.

MARATHON “Animals with Petrykivski painting” with Vera Yerifa

We invite children and adults to paint skillfully together at the MARATHON “Animals in Petrykivsk painting” Starts on July 25. The marathon is for beginners and children of senior, preschool and junior school age. We will immerse ourselves in bright colors, work with the instruments of Petrykivsk painting – a cat, a mat, fingers, an […]

Fairytale characters in watercolor with the artist and illustrator Iryna Hlushchenko

“Children’s illustration is what I love and it is the meaning of my life” Iryna Glushchenko is engaged in and teaches painting and drawing from scratch, develops the individuality and creativity of children and adults. Teaches how to convey emotions to a character. She has more than 120 illustrated books in her arsenal. Draw five […]

Space coffee and watercolor mini cours from Svitlana Klimenko.

In the classes you will get acquainted with coffee and watercolor painting techniques. The teacher-artist will explain and show in simple language how to draw four space works. The mini cours will be interesting for both children and adults! A small spoiler – our space smells like coffee with vanilla! Well, did you fly?

Mini course “Outdoor practice” with Andrii Kulagin

Plein air (from the French plein air – “open air”) is a technique of painting outside the studio, outdoor painting that reproduces the color richness of nature, sunlight and air environment. The “Plenary practice” course is full of information, theory and practice await you during the course: transitions from the foreground to the background playing […]

Floral greeting card. Floral sketching by Svetlana Gram.

Even if you have never drawn, you will get wonderful flowers and cards, enjoy the process and have a pleasant aftertaste, because after the marathon you will have the confidence that drawing is easy.

Watercolor Marathon “Flower Sketching”

EVERYTHING BLOOMS! – division of the watercolor marathon “Flower sketching with Svetlana Gramm” This marathon is for those who dream of mastering watercolor painting. And to plunge into the bright world of paints and colors, to start drawing flowers – the easiest and most reliable solution. And sketching is ideal for those who are just […]

Marathon “Introduction to soft material” with Svetlana Sсhiel

Marathon “Introduction to soft material. In the rhythms of Africa” This is a marathon about the academic technique of working with soft material (sangina, sepia, coal, pastel), which is mandatory in the methodological program of all art universities. Perfectly develops vision of light and shadow, tonality, layering.