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Підтримати Академію
Online lessons are a platform for everyone who is interested in the world of art, creativity and self-expression

Natalia Glazeva

How did I come to the mystic? – in 2004, I sent my father to help me to the art school, yet I don’t know what love will be for all life. My first vikladach – mitets Chernov Viktor Ivanovich. In me, there are a lot of ways to the number of people, so I can’t just speed up to the initials of my name. Therefore, after 4 years of study there, without hesitation, she entered KNUKIM at the Faculty of Design, and then came after the recruitment ended. Vreshti resht, after the competition, I saw a place at the faculty. On another course, I got to know the olive farbs and already left my art behind. During the period following the end of the university, if May 3rd I did not take a penny to my hands. Vіdchuvala povne vysnazhennia through postіyni academic still life. After a pause, I went to learn about the master’s mitzia Litvinova Danila and still finished my master’s degree at other online courses.

I will be glad to the dermal one, who will reach out and will be tinkering with my lessons. I sing, I can explain in simple words in simple words some folding moments in painting and zakohati you in the process of painting pictures.