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Lilia Horbel

The craftswoman Liliya Horbel has long been in love with the folk art of Ukraine – Petrykivsky painting, Samchykivskyi, pysankarstvo. Like every artist has his own unique handwriting in his works, but for this the path was long and difficult – HIS. The history of Lilia, as a master of Petrykiv painting, dates back to her youth. During her student years, she was inspired and helped in the wisdom of geometry by the drawing teacher R.G. Pomogaev and the work of the outstanding artist Tatyana Pata. The craftswoman herself says: “Regarding my author’s interpretation of the Petrykiv painting, it slightly contradicts the rules of the painting itself, but it is well received by the students. The geometric structure of the mandala and the use of drawing tools (as a result of my technical education) At the beginning of the work, there is the middle of the sheet, several circles are built from one point, which are filled, like the inscription at the beginning, with the basic elements of painting (a grain, a curved grain, a nut – what everyone starts with, even from the school of Tatiana Pata) But in my lessons, I deviate from the prescriptions, and to interest the user, I suggest writing these elements in a mandala – filling in circles. In sequence from the simplest seed to the most complex – a nut. So, already in the first lesson, there is an idea of the basic strokes of the Petrykiv painting: a seed, a curved seed, a nut. I invite you to a mini-course on drawing “Ukrainian Mandala” – for those who want to intensively immerse themselves in the world of Petrikovsky painting and learn how to perfectly draw the basic elements. Больше информации об этом исходном текстеЧтобы получить дополнительную информацию, введите исходный текст Отправить отзыв Боковые панели