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Vera Erifa

Graduated – Kryvyi Rih State Pedagogical University (KDPU), 2002.
Specialty – “fine art and drawing”
Place of work – communal after-school educational institution “Druzhba” Children’s and Youth Creativity Center of Kryvorizka City Council
Position – head of the circles “Zernyatko” and “Ornament””
Teaching experience – 12 years
My life credo: The road is overcome by the one who walks

The problem I am working on: “Updating knowledge, skills and abilities related to folk traditions (Petrykiv painting), for the education of children’s spirituality and national feelings”

Summary of work experience:
I have been working as a group leader for 12 years. The words of V. Sukhomlynskyi became my pedagogical credo: “A child has a real emotional and intellectual life only when he lives in the world of games, music, fantasy, and creativity. Without this, he is no better than a withered flower.”

Based on the achievements of pedagogical science, using elements of folk pedagogy, I am looking for new approaches to education and upbringing that meet the needs of creative personality development, aimed at achieving high results and mastering cultural and national values.

My system of work is aimed at solving the problem: “Updating knowledge, abilities and skills related to folk traditions (Petrykiv painting) for raising spirituality and national feelings in children.”

While working on this problem, I defined tasks:

– to instill in children a love for the spiritual heritage of the Ukrainian people;

– to form their national self-awareness;

– to attract them to the treasury of folk creativity.

I try to organize the lessons so that the children are interested. I believe that the main enemies of group work are dryness, monotony, and formalism. And that’s why I’m always looking for ways to arouse children’s keen interest in completing tasks, passion for creative work.

In my work, I try to use innovative methods and non-standard forms of lesson organization, which make it possible to increase the efficiency of knowledge acquisition, improve control over the performance of tasks, and arouse children’s interest in learning.

I implement the following methods in my classes.

Tactile and sensory method. I consider this method effective, because it affects the emotional state, children have a desire to look more closely at the products of folk craftsmen, express their opinion, and create beautiful things with their own hands. The specificity of this method is that in the process of perceiving a work of Petrykiv painting, children touch the material from which it is made (paints, paper).

The method of musical accompaniment. The peculiarity of this method is that when children perceive works of decorative and applied art, music is played, the character of which is consonant with a certain work, that is, there is a simultaneous effect on the visual and auditory analyzers. This, in turn, facilitates the process of perception, makes it deeper, more refined.

Game activity method. Childhood is a significant period in human development. Its characteristic feature is the desire to play. In a game situation, the child realizes his wishes, realizes his needs, interests. She develops physical strength, mobility, speed and accuracy of movements, coordination. The game is an important means of teaching the child, learning about the surrounding life and human relationships. In the game, participants learn to think, work, create and rejoice in success, gain experience in various game situations.

All this together is a single system of measures that increases the effectiveness of the educational process and has a positive effect on the general development of pupils, contributes to the formation of key competencies.

Extracurricular education is aimed at professional orientation of the child. Of course, not all of my students will connect their lives with fine arts, but I hope that each of them will remember their studies with joy. And let them not become outstanding folk craftsmen, but, certainly, they will become creative personalities. A person who creates the beautiful himself will never be able to destroy the beautiful created by others.

So draw your happiness, create it with your own hands, and let your life be painted only with bright colors!